About Slovakia

General information about Slovakia

Official name: Slovak Republic 

Area: 49,035 sq. km (18,933 sq. miles) 

Capital city: Bratislava (population: 452,288) 

Population: 5,397,036 (2011 census) 

Population density: 109.9 inhabitants per sq. km 

Official language: Slovak

Currency: EURO


Roman Catholic (60%)

Greek Catholic


Russian Orthodox




Slovak (86%)

Hungarian (10%)







Unique destination in the heart of Europe

Slovakia is the country where you have never been before. Slovakia- the unique country located in the middle of Europe with excellent location –close to the borders of Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Poland and Ukraine. An multitude of outstanding cultural and historical treasures.. The countryside is offering unspoiled natural beauty- mountains, lakes, thermal springs, enchanting and unique karst and argonite formations . The food and drinks with influence of the Slovak, Hungarian, Austrian and Czech regional cuisines. The people are warm and welcoming.

Slovakia is the perfect destination for everyone . Perfect destination with natural beauties, countless monuments,friendship and traditional hospitality. Ideal destination thanks to the location for meetings, incentives,congress and events combined with modern cities supported by professional services and quality.


The Slovak Republic enjoys a mild continental climate, with distinctive rotation of seasons. 

The average daily temperature is -2°C in winter and 21°C in summer. The coldest month is January; the warmest months are July and August. On average, snow cover remains in the highest locations for 130 days a year.


220 V/50 Hz, two-pin socket with safety pin


Direct international telephone calls can be made to most countries in the world. IDD is available. Country code: 421. Outgoing international code: 00 + the code of the appropriate state + area code + telephone/fax number

Time zone

1 hour ahead of GMT; summer time, which lasts from March to October, is 2 hours ahead of GMT, as in most European countries.

National and Public Holidays

January, 1stNew Year's Day, Establishment of the Slovak Republic 
January, 6thThree Magi, Orthodox Christmas 
March, AprilGood Friday and Easter Monday 
May, 1stMay Day 
May, 8thVictory Day - The End of the Second World War 
July, 5thThe Holiday of Ss. Cyril and Method 
August, 29thAnniversary of the Slovak National Uprising 
September, 1stConstitution Day 
September, 15thOur Lady of the Seven Sorrows 
November,1stAll Saints' Day 
November, 17thDay of the Fight for Freedom and Democracy 
December, 24thChristmas Eve 
December, 25th-26thChristmas Holidays 


Most shops and all public institutions are closed on national holidays.


Slovakia is part of the Schengen area, and allows visa-free entry to all EU citizens. For more information about visas, please consult the Slovak Foreign Ministry's website.

PLEASE NOTE: It is not possible to obtain an entry visa upon an arrival at Bratislava Airport or any other port of entry to Slovakia. Please contact the nearest Slovak Embassy for visa information


There are more than 1,000 hotels in Slovakia and the number of private lodging facilities is increasing. Hotels are classified in accordance with international standards from one-star to five-stars, according to their facilities and the services offered. Tourists may also stay in private lodgings, guesthouses and camps. There are many small villages in around the mountains with well-equipped family houses that partly serve as lodging for tourists. In holiday resorts, visitors can select lodging from many individual cottages.


(Hotel Crowne Plaza, Bratislava)

Hotel in The High Tatras

(Grand hotel Praha)

Accommodation in a castle

(Castle hotel Galicia Nueva, Halic)


The local cuisine reflects the influence of contact with neighbouring countries. European meals, domestic specialities and foreign meals are available. In Bratislava there is an unlimited range of choice, including kosher food, French meals, as well as "smorgasbord"-style buffets. Motorests and original "tchardas" present all kinds of regional specialities - from Slovak cooking in the north of the country to Hungarian and fish meals in the Danubian region in the southern part of the country.



(Traditional Slovak Chesse)

Potato dumplings with sheep cheese

(Slovak traditional food)

Home made specialities

(Traditional home-made pig slaughtering specialities)

Why to visit Slovakia

  1. Stable and Safe Destination

  2. Great location and easy to reach – good travel connection by air, train, road, boat

  3. Scenery - unspoiled nature and beautiful landscape - 9 national parks, 14 protected landscape areas 12 underground caves with magnificent ice or stalactite formations , 2 of them on the UNESCO World Heritage List

  4. Bratislava – the city of past and present. Bratislava is the capital city of Slovakia , one of the fastest growing cities in Europe in the last few years. Excellent location - close to the borders of Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic. Very good access from two international airports – the Bratislava airport (15 minutes drive) and the Vienna airport (40 minutes drive along the highway). Excellent hotels, restaurants, congress venues combined with historical heritage ( coronation town ) .

  5. Cities & Towns – rich history and historical heritage from all periods, spread all over Slovakia. with historical centres, 18 towns are listed as urban monument reserves., suitable for teambuilding events and incentive tourism.

  6. History, Culture & Heritage - cultural and natural sites on the UNESCO World Heritage List, 1 artefact of intangible cultural heritage - fujara (a traditional musical instrument), the folklore music from Terchová , 180 castles and 559 chateaux and manor houses, 10 open-air museums of popular architecture, 45 little wooden churches of 3 types (Gothic, Evangelical and of the East Christian rite), some of them were built without using a single nail), numerous museums, galleries, technical relics .

  1. Thermal water & spas - more than 1 400 mineral and thermal springs, many with healing properties and 22 spa resorts with complete medical care offering treatments based on mineral and thermal waters. Climatic spas in High Tatra mountains.

  2. Active holiday – excellent conditions for active holidays in summer and in winter - more than 40 well-equipped ski resorts with 7 five-star ski resorts, 12 golf resorts, marked cycling tracks, possibilities for hiking, trekking, mountaineering, water sports

  3. Gastronomy, traditions and folklore - tasty traditional gastronomy and excellent wines. “Bryndza“stands for a traditional Slovak speciality made of sheep cheese. can only be produced in Slovakia . Distinctive living folklore and traditions differing according regions. folk art and old crafts.

  4. Busy cultural and social life, not limited to the capital city. You can get pampered at the Slovak spas., feel the adrenaline buzz in the mountains in winter & summer.,marvel at the natural and cultural UNESCO World Heritage sites;.... 


 You are warmly invited to come and discover our beautiful country