Culinary experiences

Visit some typical Slovak restaurants and sheep farms – Koliba, which offer delicious Slovak specialities. The obligatory dish to taste is bryndzove halusky, which are small potato dumplings with sheep cheese and pieces of crunchy bacon.


  • Cheese products from sheep milk – bryndza (cottage type cheese), smoked and non-smoked cheese of various forms

  • Bryndzove halusky – dumplings from potato dough mixed with bryndza and topped with crunchy bacon

  • Potato pancakes baked on a hot plate or fried

  • Roasted goose or duck feast served with red cabbage and potato pancakes and Slovak Foie gras

  • Home pig slaughtering specialities incl. participation at slaughtering

  • Small private breweries with own beer brands

  • Slovak wines from best-known wine areas such as Small Carpathian and Tokaj Wine regions

  • Wine tasting

Bratislava lies in the region of Small Carpathians famous for wine production. That is the reason why many wine cellars, wine yards and wine houses can be still found in the city.

In Slovak National Collection of Wines located in the cellar of the Museum of Viniculture of the Old Town Hall’s Apponyiho Palace you can taste 80 of 100 best Slovak wines within 100 minutes.